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How to safely shovel snow and when is the right time

November 15, 2021

Shoveling is a dreaded task we all have to face, here are a couple of tips to do it safely. 

1) When should you begin shoveling? Generally you should clear snow before it gets packed down and becomes ice. Try and avoid driving over freshly fallen snow and try and clear it no more than 6 hours after its completely stopped snowing.

2) Lift with the legs not the back! The old saying rings true when clearing snow. Snow can be very heavy so avoid using your back. Bend at the knees when lifting a full shovel and try to avoid twisting. 

3) Cut into larger piles. If the snow pile you are clearing is taller than 1 foot, use the shovel to chop away pieces from the top of the pile. This will break off a smaller more manageable piece. 

4) Don't forget the roof! Clearing snow from the roof is a must to avoid excessive weight and possible ice dam build up. Using a roof rake to keep about 18 to 24 inches of the roof edge clear will help with ice dams. Keep in mind where the snow will fall once raked off the roof to avoid damaging anything below the roof line. 

Handyman Light fixtures

Should you change out light bulbs to LED?

October 14, 2021

YES! You should be changing out your old incandescent and CFL (the twirly ones) to LED bulbs. LED light bulbs have become more and more reasonable in price as the technology gets better. You can find a 4 pack at the local home store for as little as $6.00 these days. 

The biggest benefits are the savings from the reduced energy use and the life of the bulbs themselves. LED bulbs can save up to as much as 80% of energy over old incandescent bulbs. The life expectancy is also up to 25 times longer than an incandescent bulb. That means buying less bulbs over time and saving the hassle of changing them out when they burn out. Of course you need bulbs or light fixtures changed out our handyman service is more than wiling to help. 

LED light bulbs come in both soft and cool light just like other types of bulbs so you can customize the look you want. Use the cool light in smaller spaces to make them look larger, a basement bathroom that might not have natural light. Use warmer bulbs in spaces you want to feel more cozy. 

Changing out old incandescent bulbs to LED is a quick and easy way to save money on your energy bill. Contact us today with any questions on choosing bulbs or fixtures. 

Handyman roofing gutters ladder

How to safely place and use an extension ladder

September 15, 2021

A couple of safety tips on how to properly use an extension ladder. Planning on cleaning those gutters, read these quick tips! Or call our Handyman service and we would be happy to get on the ladder for you!

1) Place the ladder against the wall and your toes against the bottom vertical rails of the ladder. 

2) Stand straight up - no leaning forward allowed! You will maintain the best control of the ladder if you are standing straight up. 

3) With you hands out at 90 degrees from you body, grab the rails of the ladder from behind. Rails are the side vertical pieces; rungs are the horizontal steps you climb on. 

4) If you cannot do this, adjust the ladder until you can. You are working to get the angle of the ladder correct before you climb up on the ladder. 

We would be happy to come out and assist with any repairs needed if you are not comfortable getting up on a ladder. 

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